Welcome to far Coley Field Target Club


Welcome to the website of Far Coley FTC. We are a small club based in the Midlands region in a beautiful part of the Staffordshire countryside. Close to Great Haywood, Far Coley get its name from the farm on which the shooting ground is located. John and Gail Meakin, the owners, run a traditional farmhouse B&B.

The shooting ground is quite varied, there is a mixed woodland with a pool and some very challenging shooting over the far pit and open field.

As a member of the MFTA ( Midlands field target association) and the BFTA ( British field target association ) we run a series of shoots throughout the Summer and Winter months. The Midlands Summer league has become very popular over the past few years, it is held at various clubs throughout the Midlands, with Far Coley getting on average 2 rounds per season. The Winter league is a slightly larger event with more shooters attending, a good place to start if you want to improve your shooting. We also on average get 2 rounds in this event also.

We cater for all levels, if you want to just come along and practice and plink at a few targets, thats fine. But the skill of FT is a more disciplined style of shooting. Targets are placed between 10 and 55 yards and can vary in size from 15mm to 40mm.

What is Field Target Shooting?

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Field target shooting first became popular in the early eighties. It is a discipline of shooting metal 'knockdown' targets outdoors in woodland or open fields, as opposed to the popular indoor 10 and 25 metre disciplines, and hence the reason it became known as “Field Target”.

There are clubs located all over the UK and these clubs organise regional competitions and leagues, so you get the opportunity to shoot at other peoples clubs. Participation in these events is purely down to the individual. Over the summer a number of national Grand Prix competition events take place and are very popular among the Field Target community. The top shooters from these go on to a final Showdown Shoot, and some can go on to represent the UK at European and World levels.